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  • Skyrockets my Customer Lifetime Value by At Least 1400%!
  • Puts in More 5 Times more income from sales of my digital products and services
  • Maximizes my Upsell conversion rates to 77% Instead of The Usual 50% 

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Internet sales machine

internet sales machine

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Internet sales machine

  • Easy blue print for anyone (only need to know basic of internet) 
  • A kind of Blue print machine 
  • A kind of blue print online 
  • Be formatted on Videos

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Some praises and testimonials:


"As a person who has witness first hand with the product, I can attest to the methods it covers. I’ve had personal success with this method where I’ve pulled in $14,747 in just 72 hours!

I can't say enough about this blueprint and Edmund’s passion in helping others to create wealth online. I've used it. It has worked extraordinarily well and it has added tons of invaluable experience and revenue to my business.

Most of all, it is so simple that even someone with no prior experience in Internet Marketing can do this. Thanks for everything Edmund. You're the best!"

-- Elle Wong


"ISM is the most comprehensive and easy to understand guides on having successful launches.

Edmund not only tells you step by step how to create MASSIVE Profits from one product funnel, but he provides you with sample materials for you to use and model.

I really enjoyed the section on how I can get extra FIREPOWER from affiliates and partners to generate at least 2 to 5 times more money from one single product launch. I have known Edmund for 4 years and he always deliver excellent quality product.

I'd recommend this blueprint to anyone who wants to break out of the rat's race and want to get started making a regular income from marketing your own asset."

-- John Yeo


"Your guide has provided a proven blueprint from start to finish what every marketer needs to know in order to pull off their very own successful system. And what I really like is that you threw in your own experiences and real life case studies, all of which are priceless.

Great job and I highly recommend this!"

-- Calvin Woon

P.S. My favorite chapter is the last chapter where you shared how you increased your sales revenue by nearly 800%. That alone is worth several times the price of this course!


"With the steps outlined here, anyone can take a product from the concept stage to making a pretty good profit in a short period of time.

If someone doesn't want to spend months planning their product launch - especially if they don't know if it will make them any money - I would highly recommend giving this method a try.

Nice job on this one Edmund!"

-- Mike Steup


“Edmund simply wows me again with the ISM! In this new blueprint, he shares the details and secrets from how you can create your own mini product to launching it and raking in real cash into your pocket!

I really like Edmund’s sincere and honest approach and this guide definitely is a must have for those who have obstacles or wanting real strategies to get your products selling like hotcakes!

Why learn from others when Edmund has done it with real life proof! I totally recommend this to anyone as Edmund is the real deal and his methods work!"

-- Connie Ong
eBay Educator & Selling Specialist


"Edmund does practically what he teaches and shares the great insight on how to turn a product launch into a simple yet profitable one. He is a young, great man with good discipline and business ethics, all the more I recommend you follow his blueprint and you can pull in high return profits that you'll be the envy of your peers and colleagues!"

-- Dee Ferdinand

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